PIGMENTAL ANIMATION is a development company specializing in creating brandable, franchisable animated content with defined multiple revenue mediums and purpose.

OUR CREATIVE TEAM is compact and effective, with experienced, disciplined, talented personnel who have proven ability to create iconic animated product and a fully array of merchandize for a worldwide market.

PIGMENTAL ANIMATION encourages a creative, interactive, environment for its artists with the promise of transparency, integrity and responsibility to its co-production partners, its staff and its investors.

The word is, that when an idea’s time has come, it bursts into bloom with a will of its own. In most cases, and most certainly in the entertainment industry, that is just not true. The appetency of the ‘overnight success’ of a company is a fallacy – behind the hoopla that follows the emergence of a funded project, be it company or TV show or feature film, are decades of learning, relationships and sacrifices. Pigmental was born of that legacy.