PIGMENTAL ANIMATION is a development company specializing in creating brandable,
franchisable animated content with defined multiple revenue mediums and purpose.

OUR CREATIVE TEAM is compact and effective, with experienced, disciplined, talented personnel who
have proven ability to create iconic animated product and a fully array of merchandize for a worldwide market.

PIGMENTAL CULTURE encourages a creative, interactive, learning environment for its artists and its students, with the promise of transparency, integrity and responsibility to its co-production partners, its staff and its investors.

Pigmental Studios is an independent entertainment company with dedicated financing for animated theatrical feature films and television series.  Pigmental is currently  active in international co-production projects in China, Korea and Spain.  We have offices in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC

Our community involvement will include opportunities for DC-based entertainment companies and residents. We will provide various training and workforce development opportunities to hired staff. Discover opportunities for DC residents.

Pigmental Studios has 11 Animated Theatrical Features and 15 Animated TV series which are currently in production, fully developed ready for production or in active development. The Baobab TV series is in collaboration with Gallaudet University and some of our projects are in co-production with partners in China, Ireland, USA and other countries all over the world.