“Despicable Me” Co-Creator Sergio Pablos’ Next Animated Film, “Household Pests,” to be Financed by United Media Capital, Pigmental Studios and United Independents Group

July 19, 2016 | Source: Multichannel News

The New Fund will Finance a Slate of Upcoming Animated and Live Action Films

sergio-pablosLos Angeles, CA, July 19, 2016 – LA-based United Media Capital, LLC, (“United Media”) announced today it has formed a joint venture fund with Pigmental Studios, LLC (“Pigmental Studios”) of Hollywood & Washington, D.C., and the Santa Monica, CA-based United Independents Group, LLC (“United Independents Group”) for the purpose of co-financing a slate of upcoming animated and live action films. The first film to be financed by the new fund will be “Household Pests,” written by Sergio Pablos, the co-creator of “Despicable Me.”

Pablos, of SPA Studios, along with Marina Martins of Pigmental Studios, will jointly produce the new film, along with Dennis Lorrig, Robert Rodriguez, George Malasek and John Cole. Managing Partners for United Media Capital will Executive Produce the slate of new projects. Leading the financing team for the initial two productions will be United Media Capital managing partners John Cole, COO, and George Malasek, Co-CEO. The deal was brokered between Marina Martins of Pigmental/United Independents Group, and United Media Capital.

“Household Pests,” based on an original idea from Pablos, follows an imaginative boy, “Cole,” who battles monsters under his bed every night, while his mother refuses to believe that they exist. It takes “Jeb Dee,” an undercover monster exterminator, to help Cole save the town.

Concurrently, the fund will also invest in a second animated project – “Mean Margaret” – based on the popular children’s book of the same name. That film is being produced by Jay Ahn (“The Nut Job” and “The Nut Job 2”) and Chris Henderson (“Return to Neverland,”) with Chuck Williams (“Brother Bear”) managing the creative for Astro-Nomical Entertainment LLC, a new studio from Ahn/Henderson.

Barry Cook (“Mulan”) directed the original development of the “Mean Margaret” project, with character designs by Carter Gooderich (“Finding Nemo.”) Winner of the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, “Mean Margaret” was originally published in English, German, Dutch and Italian, and, more recently, has also been published in Chinese and Korean.

The storyline for “Mean Margaret”: “Fred,” a meticulous, confirmed-bachelor woodchuck, has his seemingly perfect life turned upside-down when terrible two-year-old human baby, “Margaret,” is left behind by her preoccupied, trailer-dwelling family.

Pre-production for both “Household Pests” and “Mean Margaret” take place at both Pigmental’s Studio offices in Washington, D.C., and in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Astro-Nomical Entertainment LLC, also in LA.

Prolific independent entertainment studio IM Global, a subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Reliance ADA, will handle international sales for “Household Pests.”

Pigmental CEO and Co-Founder Marina Martins said, “With the recent acquisitions and mergers going on the industry today, there exists a space in the animation world for features which apply the tenant of ‘story, story, story.’ It was through storytelling that Pixar has been so successful at establishing itself above the norm, and excelling in a market so long dominated by studio fare. Pigmental’s focus is that relentless pursuit of getting the story right, without compromise and without sacrifice, for the establishment of branded content. This goal would be unachievable without the extraordinary talent that has gathered here to form and finance the Pigmental team.”

Jay Ahn adds, “I am thrilled to be engaged with this prestigious media fund for ‘Mean Margaret,’ a fresh, funny, and very emotional movie that family members of all ages across the world will certainly enjoy.”

United Media Capital’s George Malasek said, “We are pleased to be joining forces with such an industry reputable studio and an established co-financing group for these kinds of highly entertaining projects. Collectively, we bring a lot to the table, and I am thrilled to help bring these exciting new animated projects to a global audience.”

About Pigmental Animation:

Pigmental Animation is an animation studio and development company specializing in creating branded, franchised animated content with defined multiple revenue mediums and purpose. The creative team is compact and effective, with experienced, disciplined, talented personnel who have the proven ability to create iconic animated product and a fully array of merchandise for a worldwide market. The company is the brain-child of CEO and Founder Marina Martins, a seasoned entertainment executive who is known for creative and ground-breaking work in development, distribution and financing.

Pigmental Animation is based both in Hollywood and within a facility located on the Gallaudet campus in the heart of the Union Market District in Washington, DC. (in collaboration with the DC Office of Motion Picture & Television Development and the DC Office of Planning and Economic Development.) Pigmental is home to some of the “best in class” artists and technologists currently working in the animation entertainment industry today. Please see: https://www.pigmentalstudios.com

About United Independents Group, LLC:

United Independents Group was envisioned as an umbrella company to support the development, packaging, financing, production, distribution and marketing of quality independent feature films and TV in live action. The company has developed its own properties, and has also enjoined with seasoned producers and talent to collaborate, share resources, develop and produce independent features for theatrical release.  United Independent Group is focused on the excellence of storytelling in its television and feature slate properties.

About United Media Capital:

Based in Newport Beach, CA, United Media Capital, LLC, is a media finance company that specializes in the investment and production of filmed and recorded entertainment, as well as the ownership of content distributed across multiple platforms, reaching a global audience. Please visit: http://unitedmediacapital.com