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  • will offer support to local businesses.
  • will provide opportunities for DC residents.
  • will provide various training and workforce development opportunities to its hired staff.
  • will allow for apprenticeship opportunities.
  • will reserve space for apprenticeship opportunities for unemployed or underemployed or undeserved DC residents.
  • will partner with existing production companies in DC to support their live production business.
  • will actively support events to connect DC-based media industries to non-DC based media industries.
  • will support the implementation of the District’s Economic Development Strategy.
  • will host a qualifying competition in the worldwide marketplace for an animated short script, which will be produced by Pigmental.
  • will organize a two day animated shorts festival in the District including an opening night party, an evening of keynote addresses, and a closing night party.
  • will provide tours of Pigmental to DC youth interested in animation, or media technology, or entrepreneurship to include meet and greets with Pigmental staff.
  • will be announcing its collaborations with local and international production partners on animated feature films
  • will fully support, at no cost, a number of non-profit groups with animated materials for their fundraising efforts.